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​I have been attending Fit4Baby since September and I absolutely love it!! This is my second pregnancy, and with my first pregnancy I fell into the trap of eating anything I craved (which was something bad all the time) and being a couch potato. I never worked out or did anything healthy for myself. Well, I gained 40 pounds more than I should have and had several health problems along the way during the pregnancy as well as after. A year later, a fellow friend introduced me to Stroller Strides during my summer off from teaching and I loved the environment. I met so many wonderful mommies, and my son had a blast being outside watching all of the mommies workout while he ate breakfast and then getting to play at the park after wards. It was a great summer experience, not too mention I really gained my health back. Lost a ton of weight, gained so much energy, and I was even eating very healthy. It was also a great place to talk to other mommies and hear advice, and things they were going through and being comfortable enough to ask questions myself being a first time mom. Plus, it is NOT a gym. You don't have to worry about working out in front of guys or the typical uncomfortable environment of most gyms, you are around mommies just like you.

Right when school started back I found out I was expecting baby #2, I was pregnant within one month of trying and I truly believe working out with Stroller Strides, and being as healthy as I was is what helped me get pregnant so quickly. Since I was pregnant, I quickly transitioned to Fit4Baby because this time around I did not want to fall into the same bad habits as I did with my first pregnancy and I wanted to be more conscious of my health for me and for my baby. I am now in my 7th month and I am getting rave reviews from my doctor. My weight is perfect, my health is great, baby is beautiful, and I have not had any of the same health issues this time around as I had with my first pregnancy. Even though, I am still tired and big :) Fit4Baby makes me feel so much better. I have WAY more energy this time around than my first pregnancy and I can tell just how great my body is adjusting too. I can't wait to see how much better my recovery will be after delivery since I have been working out the whole pregnancy. I even find myself on days that we do not meet, going on and doing workout videos at home to stay with it because I feel good enough to do it.

I really have loved my time with the FIT4MOM groups and I would recommend these classes to everyone before baby, during pregnancy, and after baby. It truly has transformed me as a person and a mom!

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