It's not a boot camp, it's a clean food, move that body, believe in YOU revolution. Body Back Transformation starts TOMORROW night, but we only have a few spots left! Will you be one of them? Comment below! . Stroller Strides tomorrow at: 💪🏼Stonebridge Ranch 💪🏼Little Elm Park 💪🏼Frontier Park

Body Back isn't a boot camp. It's a program that gives you energy where you'd normally be dragging through the week. . It allows you to watch the changing shape of your body and the changing colors of food on your plate at the same time. It gives you the pride of knowing YOU are important enough to YOU to put yourself first. . When's the last time you surprised yourself? . . design by @crystalbrittconsulting

The only kind of skiing you can do in Texas-with resistance bands. Come hang with us in class tomorrow! . 👊🏼 Tucker Hill 👊🏼 Windsong Ranch 👊🏼 Frisco Commons 👊🏼 Starcreek

There is no better way to start International Women's Day than with your Village of strong mamas!!! See you all at 9:30 AM! . 💪🏽Stonebridge Ranch 💪🏽Little Elm Park 💪🏽Trinty Falls

When was the last time you made time for YOU mama? You worry all the time about whether or not the food you're feeding your littles is nutritious, but do you do the same for yourself? . Click below to enter your email to learn more about this life-changing transformation program that starts March 13th. Take the first step in putting yourself first. <3 Click here >>

Now they're for strengthening that core so you can carry those littles around the house all day without tiring out your lower back! #FIT4MOM #strongcore #strongbody . Check us out for your FREE first class at these locations tomorrow! 💪🏽Stonebridge Ranch 💪🏽Star Creek 💪🏽Windsong Ranch 💪🏽Frisco Commons

When we say, "Do whatever it takes to get out of the house," we mean it. Even if it means losing the your-toddler-wants-to-wear-a-Michael-Myers-mask-out-of-the-house battle. If you make it to class, you won the war. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ #FIT4MOM #themotherhoodisreal #sosoreal . Come join us in 3 locations tomorrow! 💪🏼Stonebridge Ranch 💪🏼Little Elm Park 💪🏼Frontier Park

Show us how you work it mamas! Take a selfie tomorrow during or after class and post it here to the comments. We want to see your sweaty mama face 😅 #FIT4MOM . Classes tomorrow - 👍🏼Tucker Hill 👍🏼Windsong Ranch 👍🏼 Frisco Commons 👍🏼Starcreek

Our next lifestyle-changing session starts March 13th. Are you in? If you could wave a magic wand and do ONE thing positive thing for your health, what would it be? . #FIT4MOM #bodyback #hiit #jerf #nutrition #coaching #eatclean #cleaneating

Happy Yummy Sunday! 😍 👅 #Repost @fit_4_mom with @repostapp ・・・ Let's talk #waffles 😍 normally seen as a splurge, did you know there are plenty of ways to make these babies healthy? Try these ideas below when following a homemade pancake or waffle recipe: . . •use gluten free or whole wheat flour •substitute coconut sugar, 100% pure maple syrup, puréed dates, or honey as the sweetener instead of processed sugar •if vegan, ditch eggs for unsweetened, organic applesauce [1/4 cup applesauce per egg called for] •substitute unsweetened almond, coconut, hemp, or cashew milk instead of milk •add ground chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds for extra protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals •use avocado or coconut oil instead of vegetable oil •top with yogurt, berries, or 100% pure maple syrup instead of processed maple syrup . . E N J O Y turning what's normally a sugary breakfast treat into something you don't have to feel guilty about 💗 . . #healthywaffles #proteinwaffles #proteinpancakes #wholefoodprotein #FIT4MOM #themotherhoodisreal #breakfast #sunday #sundaybreakfast

Those giggles are almost audible! What I love most about Stroller Strides & Stroller Barre is that you get to bond with your kids WHILE you workout. They'll treasure these memories with you, mama. . Classes tomorrow - 👍🏼Tucker Hill 👍🏼Windsong Ranch 👍🏼 Frisco Commons 👍🏼Starcreek . pc // Laine Moses

Little Elm and McKinney are headed indoors! Meet Becky at Little Elm Rec center, and Laine at Trinity Presbyterian church. PROSPER! Meet Crysta under the pavilion at Frontier Park for a fun President's Day workout. All classes start at 9:30am!

Mom’s Night Out is TOMORROW NIGHT! This is your last chance to secure a baby sitter and join us! We can’t wait to spend some quality time with you, mama. So call that sitter and plan to hang with us—make sure to check Meetup for the addresses for this progressive dinner! <3 . #MNO #FIT4MOM #momsnightout #party #progressivedinner

#ThoughfulThursday Gratitude is a practice. A 5-minute-a-day habit that can change your perspective in an instant. What did you feel thankful for today? #thankful #gratitude #FIT4MOM • Tomorrow - 💕Little Elm Park 💕Frontier Park 💕Stonebridge 💕Trinity Falls

You’d be surprised at just how little it takes to keep these sweet little ones entertained. Some teething wafers, teething rings and you’re 👌🏽 So pack that diaper bag and come play tomorrow morning! #FIT4MOM #babies #mommyandme #workouts #strollerstrides • Classes tomorrow 👍🏼Tucker Hill 👍🏼Windsong Ranch 👍🏼 Frisco Commons 👍🏼Starcreek

Have any new mama friends who have been wanting to try Stroller Strides?! Tag them in the comments, because this month, registration is HALF OFF when you join with a friend! First class is always free, click here for your pass. To try it is to love it. —> #sharethelove #FIT4MOM • Here’s where you can find us tomorrow : 🙌🏽 Little Elm Park 🙌🏽Frontier Park 🙌🏽Stonebridge Ranch 🙌🏽Trinity Falls

Are you feeling the l o v e?? We can’t wait to sprinkle some on you tomorrow for Valentine’s Day! #memberappreciation #FIT4MOM #strollerstrides #strollerbarre • Tuesdays go like this - ✔️Stonebridge Ranch ✔️ Windsong Ranch ✔️ Starcreek ✔️Frisco Commons

Hubby still wondering what to get you for Valentine’s Day? Tag him in the comments! You know what, tag your friend's husband too, just so you're doing everyone a favor today <3 #hinthint #mamadoesntwantflowers #mamawantscommunity #FIT4MOM • #vday #valentinesday

Happy Sunday, gorgeous! We can’t wait to spend time with you this week. This week is all about YOU! YOU are what makes #OurVillage amazing, and we want to show our appreciation. Every day you come to class this week, there will be something to show how much we appreciate you! #FIT4MOMlove #FIT4MOM #allthemoms #weloveyou • Come join us in class tomorrow in 3 locations! 🦄 Stonebridge Ranch 🦄 Little Elm Park 🦄 Frontier Park (first class is FREEEEEE)

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